2KFox Studios

2KFox Studios - Television, Movie Production Studios for - wholesome family entertainment. Appropriate for all ages.

Astroid Theater

Astroid Theater - StarGate-Enterprise feature movies, family friendly, 8 Movies per month view with friends on line within Boogie Account.


Let Us Create Your Wholesale Website Solution turning your Retail online or physical business into a Wholesale Website Business Solution.


BoogieLaunch online Radio Stations within Boogie Account. Broadcast your Teleport to StarGate-Enterprise's Universe today.


Boogie Social Media Network - Business Subscription Network. Access over 100 tools for your business and tap into StarGate-Enterprise Portal Shoppers.


eTunes - Watch videos, movies, music within Boogie. Business, Education, StarGate-Enterprise Entertainment, Human Evolution Concerts, RosieRobot Network Show, 2K Fox Studio Movies and Special Features.

F.S.O.W. Consulting, LLC.

F.S.O.W. Consulting, Business Consulting small, medium, large businesses. Process re-engineering, programmers, outsourcing, OPM. Aerospace Technology to Wholesale.


FSOWPublishing 3D and Audio Publishing House. Private brand and submissions. Fiction, Biography, Documentary. Submissions Reviewed Monthly. Publishing Fees apply per Category.

Human Evolution

StarGate-Enterprise's Human Evolution 3D Space Band. Galactic Entertainers.

I Can Droid You

I Can Droid You - 3D Animation Studio,3D Replication Services of your Marketing Brand.

Kid Nova

Kid Nova StarGate-Enterprise TV Kids Network

Rosie Robot Radio

Rosie Robot Radio -Intergalactic Performance Radio Online, Programming, Genres Latin, Jazz, Country, Oldies, Gospel.


Universal access times infinity. Explore the universe. Shop, Commerce, Learn, Play, and more. 88 Star Constellations each with different and wonderful things to explore.

StarGate-Enterprise Systems

Social Media Solutions for Fortune 500's. Stop following and start leading. Learn how StarGate-Enterprise Systems can help you turn costs into revenue.

StarGate-Enterprise TV

StarGate-Enterprise TV

SuperNova Arena

SuperNova Arena Online Stargate-Enterprise Venue Entertainment accessible via Boogie Account.

SuperNova Complex

StarGate-Enterprise Space Tools for Galactic Businesses - SuperNova Complex Web Conferencing, Webinars, Seminars, Training, Product Launch.

The Rosie Robot Network

StarGate-Enterprise TV - The Rosie Robot Network - Featuring Clark Kenston with The RosieRobot Network Show. Get on Clark's Show in 3D and promote your teleport.